Earbuddy premiers "Echo in the Moon"

Nashville-based musician Violet Delancey‘s debut album was an homage of sorts to country music with the Los Angeles native taking in the spirit of her new surroundings. However, her sophomore effort Columbia Road finds her taking a bigger creative leap. “I wanted to push the boundaries a little more,” she says about the change. This meant working with producer Andy LeMaster, who previously worked with indie artists like Bright Eyes, Azure Ray and of Montreal. Columbia Road pulles inspiration from Delancey’s college years studying mythology. This combined with the new dreamy surroundings gives the songs a mystical personality that’s sure to mesmerize you. Today, we premiere the album single, “Echo In The Moon”, which features Delancey’s warbling vocals atop sparkling guitars, chiming keys and syncopated percussion. Check it out below.

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Violet Delancey